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10 most effective marketing tools for financial advisors

10 Most Effective Marketing Tools for Financial Advisors

With proper marketing, any business can track growth, boost profits, and increase its brand value in a far lesser time. The financial advice industry is no exception to this rule. Financial advisors need marketing tools to be both online and ready to take real-world action. So, whether you are a

How are Wealth Managers Attracting Ultra-rich

How are wealth managers attracting the Ultra-Rich?

Wealth managers and financial planners have always pursued the coveted portfolios of the ultra-rich. However, wanting to achieve something seldom assures competence.  Nevertheless, there is help when you seek it. Today, we will look into the different tips and tricks that experienced wealth managers use to attract the top 1%. 

guide to discussing market volitality

A Guide to Discussing Market Volatility with Clients

Market volatility is a reality that no investment policy can avoid. As a financial adviser who is set to help his/ her HNW and UHNW clients, you have to help them understand why this happens and how to make the most of it. We understand Discussing Market Volatility with Clients can

Understanding indexed universal life insurance

Indexed universal life ( IUL ) insurance is a product that can be moulded according to your financial planning. With Index universal insurance, you can gain lifelong coverage. The life insurance payout is paid to your successors tax-free. Some universal life policies also build cash value, with gains growing tax-free.

millennials working

9 tips on How to Sell Insurance to Millennials

The world we live in is changing fast and anyone who is unable to adapt to the new ways is likely to be left behind. For wealth managers, this fast-paced way forward is giving rise to a brand-new problem that they must adjust to How to Sell Insurance to Millennials? How


Next-Generation: Time for Financial Advisors to Embrace Them

Many advisors understand we’re on the edge of a giant wealth transfer. According to o Cerulli Associates, over the following 25 years, $60 trillion in assets were foreseen, to pass on to future generations.  Are you involving your client’s children?  Research conducted by Janus Henderson Investors, Financial Planning Association, and

4 Investment Philosophies followed by UHNIs

Investment Philosophies followed by UHNIs Protected capital growth and alpha generation – these are the most common goals shared by UHNIs in modern times. What are the Investment Philosophies followed by UHNIs? While there are thousands of books piled up on how to start your entrepreneurial journey and becoming a